German designer Bernhard Osann curved a rod to make this simple light, which leans against a wall and can be rotated to create different effects. Osann designed the Neo light, which was unveiled at this year’s IMM Cologne furniture fair, after breaking the base of a previous design. Trying to find another way to support the standing lamp,Continue Reading

Basque studio Iratzoki Lizaso has designed modular tables with leather details that hark back to traditional office furnishings. Produced by Basque furniture manufacturer Alki, the Heldu range features several different surfaces that can be joined together to create tables of various lengths. Small, movable partitions made of leather-covered wood slide across the tabletop, allowing workers to create moreContinue Reading

These plates by Constance Guisset have the illusion of being soft and malleable, but they are actually solid ceramic. Guisset, who previously designed a tabletop machine for wine tasting, based the collection on visual trickery, and used hand moulding to create the plates’ uneven, puffy-looking surface. “Canova is a collection of trompe-l’oeil plates, a tributeContinue Reading

This unit containing sleeping, eating and working areas was designed by Nils Holger Moormann for those living in micro apartments. Kammerspiel, which Moormann describes as the largest piece of furniture he’s ever constructed, is intended to provide people with a space-saving solution for their studio flats. “At a time when affordable living space is becomingContinue Reading